How did we get here?

31 03 2012

Hi everyone!  Well, here goes my first attempt  at blogging!  My incentive is our trip to Canada from Key West Florida on our boat, a 45 foot Viking motor yacht which is our floating home called “FROLIX’.  Yes, we live on a boat and have been since November 2011 when we picked it up on Marco Island Florida.  The three months prior to this time were hectic to us;  packing up and moving out of our three bedroom apartment (after selling our home in 2008).   We were also busy looking for a boat: flying to Florida to view boats and relocating our business and personal lives to downtown Toronto where we will be living on Toronto Island.  But we still found time to sail on lake Ontario before selling our thirty two foot Oday sailboat at the end of the summer.  The great times and aesthetics of being at the Toronto Island Marina were some of the reasons for making such a huge change in our lives.  We planned to live five months in Key West and seven months in Toronto (hopefully we plan to be back in Toronto by the middle of May).

Where do I start to describe the adventure we have been on since driving away from our apartment that November 22 morning?  The car was packed to overflowing with our dingy, bikes, clothes and everything else we could fit into the car.  Our furniture, and what we didn’t sell, was put in storage.   After all the preparation, we were finally —-OFF!   And we were extremely relieved and excited.   Hooray, the adventure begins!  (Or it continues because isn’t all of life an adventure?)

After two days of traveling through the eastern part of the U.S.  and stopping at our favorite restaurants (Cracker Barrel)  we spent two days “learning the boat”.  The previous owners were really helpful and we had the boat surveyed.  We  then took off on the Gulf of Mexico with perfect conditions: a following sea and calm winds.

The ninety miles to Key West were awesome.   It is hard to describe how  beautiful that  maiden voyage was and the sense of freedom and thankfulness we had!   I even got “teary-eyed” … okay, I’ll try to keep the mushy parts out of the blog.  The sun was shining on the turquoise water and as we sat in the bridge of the boat, about ten feet higher than what we were used to on our sailboat, we could see for miles over the gulf.   Dolphins jumped not far from our hull,  splashing and frolicking (our mascots) like we were playmates!

We got to Key West around sunset;  the sun looked like a huge orange ball dropping into the azure sea. It was starting to get dark and we were relying heavily on our chart plotter and GPS to get us around the many shoals near Key West,  but we ended up getting stuck on one!  (sh__t happens).  We called Seatow (thank God we registered for it the day before!)  It was kind of neat sitting in the dark and listening to the waves lapping on the hull and looking at the stars in the sky (we sure don’t see that many in Toronto)… A good opportunity to have a glass of wine, so I did.  It only took about an hour for the tow boat to arrive and pull us out and since he knew the way to our port (the Key West Harbor Yacht Club)  he guided us there.   It would have been very difficult for us to find it in the dark.  Several boaters came out to help us dock and we were “home” for the next five months.  We were going to have dinner at the club but since it was  Thanksgiving the restaurant was closed.   But some fellow boaters brought us a Turkey dinner.   The next day we rented a car and drove to Marco Island to retrieve our vehicle.

What a wonderful time we’ve had!   The Yacht club here  is great  and is situated on  Stock Island, about  a couple miles from Old Town Key West .  It  is a new facility with a lovely pool and restaurant  overlooking  the ocean, (pics fallowing).  Key West is still our favorite place in the world!  We would drive  to town almost every day and park where we had our bikes locked and bike  around to our favorite music venues.  Thanks to all our new friends especially Tim who did such a spectacular job on our new enclosure.  And to all those who went before us and gave us advice on our upcoming trip.

We leave at the crack of dawn on March 31 2012 and the weather is “supposed” to be perfect.  Talk to you tomorrow.