Day 2-Sunday April 1st-(middle Florida Keys to Miami)

4 04 2012

Another lovely sunrise, and when we took off, the dolphins accomplanied us.  Since the winds were very light, our sailing friends told us to go ahead on our own since they wanted to sail and would be moving slower.  Well will hopefully meet up with them again along the way.   It felt a little sacry to be on our own, but it was exciting.

I’ve been designated as the navigator on this trip.  We both study the charts beforehand and the I follow along on route.   But our greatest aid is our chart plotter as we travel in what’s called Hawks Channel to Biscayne Bay.   Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones out here.  The turquose ocean and the smell of the sea and the puffy clouds and blue sky never get boring as we travel at 8 miles an hour.  At the tip of Florida we sailed into Biscayne channel to an anchorage called Hurricane harbor.  Our son Ryan whould have enjoyed seeing the many party boats rafted together with girls in bikinis (Ed didn’t mind either).  We had a nice dinner and watched the sunset on Biscayne bay.




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