Day 3-April 2 (mile 1095)

4 04 2012

Our anchor held well all night.  Ed purchased a new phone that has an anchor alarm  which rings if the anchor moves.  Because the conditions were perfect to go outside on the ocean , we decided to do so rather than go on the Intercoastal waterway.  This would allow us to bypass the many bridges and all the boat traffic through Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

It was ninety degrees today but the ocean breezes  always keep us cool.  Did I mention that Ed has been trying his hand at fishing while we are on the move?  Today he hooked a big Mahi Mahi but lost it just before bringing it up to the boat.  We were both very excited though.   Also we saw a sea turtle about four feet long swim right past our boat.  The ocean has changed color here from deep green to navy blue.

We finally got into the Intercoastal waterway at Palm Beach.   We made our way to the north end of Lake Worth to a lovely anchorage surrounded by muti-million dollar homes and yachts.  Our anchor windlass jammed so we ended up at Old Port Cove marina.  Our boat looked like a dingy there beside these mega yachts.  One even had a submersible on it.  No one was around and we just stayed overnight.



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