Day 4-April 3-Mile 1017-going Intercoastal

4 04 2012

Got up early and spent our first full day on the Intercoastal waterway.  What lovely weather we’ve had.  Our slow pace allows us to view the beautiful homes along the way.   You get that “peaceful easy feeling”  and appreciate the beauty of nature.  Hobe Sound along Jupiter Island is almost totally natural.   We stopped at Fort Pierce and pulled into the Fort Pierce city marina on the Indian river.  Of c0urse I get very nervous when we are docking, but Ed did a great job.  The staff were very helpful at the marina and they even have a Tiki Bar and restaurant  (yeah, no cooking tonight).   We have loved listening to 97.1 Ocean on the radio.  There is nothing like it in Canada.

A word about living on a boat…we love it!  It’s kind of like playing house; it makes you realize how little you really need in life to be happy.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  We are even thinking about buying another boat and leaving it in Key West.  Since this boat is our home I feel like I’m travelling in a compact universe.  I guess I’m a gypsy at heart.  Good night.



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4 04 2012

Hi….sounds so lovely and peaceful even with the minor glitches….wish I was there….enjoying the play by play moves…..been on the Indian River when we stayed in Melbourne one Christmas…. fishing it was fun..for sure…..Keep up the good work….and what was up with the anchor….a phone with a anchor alarm…? what next…..

4 04 2012

Hi Huguette! My mom passed this on to me, and it’s been a pleasure to follow along with your journey so far. Good luck with the rest of your trip – I’ll be keeping track through this blog, and hope to see you at some point this summer.

I love your comments about living on the boat – it’s true that we need so little to be happy.


5 04 2012

How cute…from one Blogster to another : )

Bon Voyage!


4 04 2012
Barry Loma

hi dears
we are really enjoying your trip with you -remember dad and i bareboated in the BVI”S fer two weeks in 1988 it really is thrilling but scary if you get wind or fog keep us posted

we wish you fair winds and smooth trip

5 04 2012

Thanks to all for your responses. Especially Emily, because I was so inspired by your blog that it encouraged me to do this one.

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