Day 5-April 4 Mile 965 (follow the yellow brick road)

5 04 2012

It’s a bit tricky to distinguish the ICW markers.  As long as we follow the yellow squares on the green markers and keep them on the starboard side we are okay.   The ICW is also clearly marked on our chart plotter, and there is a red line down the middle.  Even with all this we’ve been confused a couple of times.  But we are getting used to all of this and our confidence is growing.   As for myself standing mid-ship as we are docking with the line so I can hook on to a cleat has been pretty scary for me, but  I am getting better at it.

Today we have been travelling along the Indian river which is sometimes miles across and it has been extremely beautiful.  Dolphins swim and dive around our bow constantly, but it has been a challenge to get them on camera (I will do my best.)  I love Pelicans; they remind me of prehistoric  creatures, and seem to land on all the markers.   The music on the radio as we travel along has been wonderful.   This song, “I can see clearly now”  was perfect timing as we floated along. “I can see clearly now the rain has gone and I can see all obstacles in my way”…   There are hundreds of beautiful islands with sandy beach shores on the Indian river.  It was fun watching people fish and having picnics and to see children building sand castles as we floated by.  It is such a beautiful area and neither Ed nor I knew this river which strectches for hundreds of miles even existed.

We decided to anchor at Dragon point; a beautiful and secure spot.  Our anchor had to be set by hand as our windless (electric winch) for the anchor has given out, so we have aranged to pick up a new one in Datona Beach where it will arrive on Friday.  We are just a few feet from millionaire homes and a gorgeous yacht club and the sun is just setting.  Of course it’s “Happy Hour”.   We had dinner and closed up the boat because it started to rain, but our anchor is holding and we feel safe and secure.  See you tomorrow with another adventure.



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