Day 6 Thursday April 5 Mile 914

5 04 2012

We left around seven  on a grey morning.  I’d almost forgotten what one looked like because we have not seen one in 4 months (I haven’t missed them either).  I already miss Key West, not only for the weather but also the roosters crowing every morning as well as all day long.   They strut around town like they own the place;  even stopping traffic on Duval St.  I thought you might like to read what Heny David Thoreau wrote  about roosters when speaking about living fully in the present-“Above all, we cannot afford not to live in the present.  He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moment of the passing life in remembering the past.  Unless our philosophy hears the cock crow in every barnyard within our horizon,  it is belated.  That sound commonly reminds us that we are growing rusty and antique in our employments and habits of thought.  His philosophy comes down to a more recent time than ours.  There is something suggested by it that is a newer testament, the gospel according to this moment.  He has not fallen astern, he has got up early and kept up early, and to be where he is , is to be in season;  in the foremost rank of time.  It is the expression of the health and soundness of nature,  a bray for all the world, healthiness as of a spring burst forth, a new fountain of the muses, to celebrate this last instant of time.  Where he lives no fugitive slave laws are passed.  Who has not betrayed his master many times since he last heard that note?  The merit in that birds strain is in it’s freedom from all plaintiveness.  The singer can easily move us to tears or to laughter, but where is he who can excite in us a pure morning joy.”

We travelled along the Indian river for half the day and it’s wildness and expanse really impressed us.  Then we got into Mosquito lagoon where cottages, condos and small towns dotted the shoreline.  Pelicans stood like sentries on top of the markers, and we were surprised at how many dolphins frolicked about as we floated along.

I should tell you about my attempt last night to hook onto a mooring ball.  I now know that you never loop the hook of a gaffing pole to the loop at the top of the ball (this ball did not have a line attached).  What was I thinking?   I could not get the boat hook off of the loop and while trying to hold on to it, I quickly became a boat teather.  I soon discovered how heavy our boat was with the current pulling on it.  It was either me or the boat hook, so I had to let go.  Later on we retreived it with our dingy.   We probably gave onlookers some good dinner entertainment.   After that, we had a beautiful evening watching the sunset in Dragon point.

Tonight we are docked in the New  Smyrna Beach marina and we are about to go on a bike ride.  Talk to you tomorrow.



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