Day 9 Sunday April 8 Mile 778

9 04 2012

Happy Easter to everyone.  We left Hidden Harbor marina very early.  (I wanted to mention something about the Right Whales that we saw yesterday. No one knows why they ended up being called the “Right Whale” but statistics say that they are 35 to 59 feet long and another interesting fact about them is that they have the longest “penis” of any mammal on the earth: “nine feet” (wow!-no comment).

Today started with us being in a long line of boats (like an Easter parade) all of us in neutral doing nine miles an hour because of the current. When we got to St. Johns river we missed the ICW channel marker and ended up going a few miles out of our way. Thanks to Sea Tow we were rerouted  back to the ICW.  We ended up near Fernandino beach at an anchorage near Alligator River. Within a couple of hundred yards of us two sailboats were also anchored.  The one closest to us was suspiciously not moving and his anchor chain was perpendicular to the water. After communications we realized they had run aground. We offered to help but the help had arrived. We watched a catamaran and Sea Tow spend at least an hour trying to dislodge the stuck sailboat. .  So we sat and had some great entertainment during “Happy Hour”. Needless to say we were very thankful for no longer being sailors.  That thing (keel) which hangs from a sailboat is something we no longer have to worry about in shallow water. While all this was happening the other sailboat “panicked” and took off. We are now “sans” sailboats or for that matter anyone else in our anchorage.  Hope you all have a great Easter.



4 responses

9 04 2012

Was just wondering what happened to Day 8???

Did the Sea Tow have to tow you back or just point you in the right direction?

Keep writing … you’re doing a great job! Things are clear and well written and well communicated!

As for the other blogger who seems to be encroaching on your blog…tell him to stick to being the captain and/or get his own blog!

: P

10 04 2012

hi,Giselle.No,we were not towed by Sea Tow, they have a call line for navigational info. We just called them.

11 04 2012

Thanks…and glad to see Day 8 made it on the blog!

I reread my response to Ed’s Blog comment and realized that came out much harsher that I had intended. Sorry Ed…What I think I was trying to say was that I think H’s got the gift…of the gab…(must be a ‘Gagnon’ thing)…I don’t seem to suffer from it though…. ; )

9 04 2012

Happy easter to you guys…sounds exciting people running aground and all. Enjoying following your progress and also ed’s two cents….keep it up……

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