Day 10-Monday April 9 Mile 725-Georgia on my Mind

10 04 2012

Note-Ed’s been my typist for most of this blog because he can type very quickly.  My job is to write, edit and correct.  I was re-reading my posts and realized that I had forgotten to publish day eight, (oops!) so you received day 9 before day 8.

This morning as Ed was taking in our anchor, (our new windlass motor is working fine) he pointed to our starboard side at something in the water.  Floating beside our boat was a R ight whale (I think it was sleeping-maybe he doesn’t like to sleep alone!) We have noticed the weather getting much cooler as we float north.  It was a misty dawn but the sunrise was beautiful.

We had to stop for fuel for the first time at the Florida Petrolium Corpoation in Fernandina Beach.  We docked at the town marina and walked up  Main St.  Such a quaint town.  We looked around and had a huge breakfast at “Bright Mornings”.  Their outside patio was so cute.  After walking back to the boat  Ed washed  it down; salt sure makes a mess of things.  It will be nice to be back in fresh water.

Listening to music as we float along makes our trip especially enjoyable.  I find that it can turn any moment into a magical one.  We love Sirius radio  (no commercials).   Yesterday while floating along a lovely stretch of scenery, the song “La Mer” came on the radio…  so relaxing!   Other great cruising tunes are-“Somewhere beyond the Sea, Sailing (C.  Cross), Twenty six Miles (The Letterman),  Traveling Man, Theme from a Summer Place and Country Roads”.  We have even danced on the bridge to a few.

I wish we would have gotten a picture of the Owl we saw sitting on his nest on a marker yesterday.   We were no more than twenty feet away from it.  It was huge and molting so the BIG owl  eyes were peering at us through a mass of fuzz (adorable)!

Interesting boat names for the past few days are:  SEA-DATION,  GATOR-DONE, KNOT-ENOUGH, SEA-QUINNS,  AND HERE-FISHY FISHY!

Hooray, we finally entered Georgia at about noon .  Lots and lots and lots of marshland.  After crossing St. Andrews Sound, we found a great anchorage at the tip of Jekyll Island.   What a lovely spot.  The tide here is seven feet.  Boats were entrenched in the mud everywhere and oysters and barnacles cling to the pilons three feet above our heads.   We took our dingy to the marina and walked into a disney set.  Pristine, historical mansions and cute shops surrounded the century old Jekyll Island Hotel (we,re talking old money here!).   We especially love the moss hanging from the pines.  You sure get that “southern plantation feeling” .   See you tomorrow.



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11 04 2012

I love ‘Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy’ Did they have a picture of Ernie anywhere on the boat?

Georgia sounds just like I pictured it!

I was thinking of you guys today and encountering the cooler weather. With
your Key Westian blood, you are certainly going to start noticing the change in temperature but I’m sure you will have time to adapt and get acclimated gradually.

It hailed here today for a few moments…and then I realized that Foof the cat was once again, stuck outside. (it was his birthday today…he’s a teenager now 13). He is notorious for being outside during thunder storms and such. He now has a dreaded fear of loud noises! What a woos!

13 04 2012

Who,s Ernie? Anyway there was no pic on the boat.
thanks for the comments I’m having lots of fun blogging!

13 04 2012

I can tell you’re having fun…I think you’ve found your ‘element’! Keep it up!

Ernie….’Here fishy, fishy, fishy’…that’s a famous skit from Sesame Street. Ernie and Bert are fishing and Bert hasn’t caught one fish. Then, Ernie says something like…”Well, you have to call them.” … So then Ernie starts to call the fish…”Here, fishy, fishy, fishy…” and one by one they start hopping in to the boat from the water. That’s who Ernie is. : P

Check this link out!

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