Day 8 April 7 Mile 840

10 04 2012

Left at sunrise.  We have been travelling a whole week and we are still in Florida!  We are on the Halifax river  and with the  current we are  going 9 miles in neutral.   Ed is impressed with our fuel consumption; only half a tank of fuel so far.  Keeping our speed down helps.  The ICW ends at mile zero but we will have approximately five hundred more miles to go after that.

I have always  loved the road-trip type of travel books ever since I read “Huckleberry Finn” and “Travels with Charlie” years ago.  If you are interested, other ones are by Peter Jenkins, Bill  Bryson, William Least Heat Moon (really)  and Freya Stark.  Right now I’m reading one called “First you Quit your Job”, about two  corporate Manhattan types who take off in a motor home crossing Canada and the U.S.  They also go through Dawson city and Chicken Alaska where Rochelle (our daughter) toured and lived last summer.

Nothing is as much fun as taking off every morning not knowing what new things you are going to see next.  On our first trip to Europe, we rented a car and just drove; taking the scenic route through France and into some of Switzerland, Italy and Belgium.   We got lost a lot (because of the crazy signs) but sometimes our lost moments lead us to some of the best parts of our trip.  Here’s a quote from Alice Steinback’s book “Without Reservations” -“Take the scenic route rather than the fast way; we are defined more by our detours and distractions than by the narrow road toward our goals.  Journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.”

We are seeing many Canadian boats, all going north like us.  Today we were shocked to see a type of whale called a “Right Whale”.    At times you think you are going through a wilderness but then you come across an area filled with beautiful mansions and boats and walking trails and bike paths.  People wave to us from their docks.   Going this slowly gives us a glimpse of what travelling was like before cars and planes.

Our destination for today was St. Augustine.  It has a tide of five feet and an extremely fast current, but we managed to go up the San Sebastian river to “Hidden Harbor Marina”, and biked to town.  St. Augustine is the oldest town in the U.S. and very historic and beautiful.  We had dinner and heard some great live music at the  Milltop restaurant ( looks like a tree house) overlooking the harbor and the old fort.  Came home very early because we were very tired; these  long days take a lot out us.   Goodnight.



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