Day 12,Apr.11,Mile 614 -Into South Carolina

12 04 2012

Our anchorage at Kilkenny Creek was so peaceful and quiet last night.  We found it through the Capt. Bob’s book that our friends, Brenda and Vern , that we met at the Key West Harbour Yacht Club, lent to us.  The ICW chart book has been indispensable to us, too  Thank you so much! Have a great trip back to Bellville Ont. (Hopefully we’ll see you when we get back).

We left while the sun was rising and the song, “Morning has broken”, by Cat Stevens came on the radio. Magical!  Here’s a quote from  Spalding Grey about perfect moments,(I like to call them Magical!) “I haven’t had a perfect moment yet, and I like to have one before I leave any exotic place…But you can never plan to have one.  You never know when they’re coming.”—We’ve had lots of them on this trip so far!

Marsh and wilderness was what we saw for miles as we floated through Northern Georgia, and we were alone most of the way.  Dolphins still breach the water quite often; such beautiful creatures!  I’m so thankful for  the beauties of  nature ; not only for the pleasure it gives our eyes, but also how it relaxes and heals. Here’s a great quote from Otto Rank:  “To diminish beauty is to diminish the very nurturence of our souls and spirits. We are made to breathe in the intimacy and the rest of Nature, and its beauty.  Nature wants to reveal beauty to us in an intimate manner on a regular basis, in closeness and caring and love.  Were we not created for such touching and caring?  Are all our senses not blessed and awakened by such love-making?”  This reminds me of a love song by John Denver,  “You fill up my senses like an night in a forest, like a mountain in springtime, like a walk in the rain, like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean…”

There were some very challenging areas on the ICW today;  Hell Gate, and Island  Cut, especially, but we did just fine.   We must have gone by, or gone up, at least 20 rivers! One was called Moon river, but it couldn’t  be the same one the song refers to because it was not a mile wide.  By the time we crossed the Savannah river we were back into civilization and the homes were huge along the banks. ( Pillars seem to be the popular style around here!) We were now in South Carolina! The radio accommodated us again with Livingston Taylor singing “Carolina Day”.

The area around Hilton Head is very beautiful!  We sailed through and up a few miles of the Calibogue  Sound to the Hilton Harbour Marina.  It was challenging docking because of the strong wind and current but we managed.  We got on our bikes and had a long ride through the gated ‘Plantation’,where the marina is and through the lovely areas of  some of Hilton Head Island.  (very fancy!).   We had an amazing dinner at Crazy Crabs! Night ‘aaawwwl’.



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