Day 13, Apr. 12, Mile 556 Hilton Head Island

13 04 2012




We are definitely feeling the cold at nights and in the mornings as we float northward.  After wearing flip flops since November, I had to wear shoes and socks for the first time,(except for when we went home for Christmas), ____No sympathy from you guys, though, I’m sure,eh!!  50’s at nights and high 60’s during the days.


Today was our first non-travel day.  Ed washed the salt off the boat again, caught up with business and e-mail and I blogged and gave our home a good cleaning.  We’re still at Skull Creek Marina.


Wilma and Don, a couple we have met here from North Carolina, invited us for pizza on their trawler. They are travelling up the ICW,too,and have done it many times.   We will be travelling with them for a few days.  Wilma’s southern accent is VERY thick, but so cute!  Sweet people.   Nite aawwwl.



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13 04 2012

Ahhhh…the wonderful world of cold!!! Yes, last night we went for a walk…and had to wear heavy coats and gloves! Enjoy! : P

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