Day 14, Apr. 13, Mile 535 Beaufort SC

14 04 2012

Well, we’re back on our way up the ICW .  Left early and followed Don and Wilma through Pt. Royal Sound to the town of Beaufort, on the Beaufort River.  A gorgeous day (about 70) and I’m wearing flip flops again.  The trees are much bigger and Spanish moss hangs from them; must be really spooky at night.

On our way to this location we passed Parris Island, the biggest base for training the Marine Corps in the US, near the town of Pt. Royal.

Beaufort was the Union army headquarters during the Civil War.  There are many lovely mansions,(white pillars,again) that were used as the ‘town homes’ of plantation owners at that time,(most of them in the South were burned after the war).  We had lunch at a restaurant on the waterfront where a park flanked the river with palm trees and oaks with moss hanging from them.  Park benches were suspended by chains,(front porch swing style), and rocking chairs replaced chairs almost everywhere; giving a “yawl come and set a spell” feeling—–My kind of  place!  The main street is on the harbour so we looked around, (many antique stores),— Preserving history seems paramount here!

When Ed and I dingied back to the boat we noticed that the anchor had dragged a bit, due to the 8 foot.. tide coming in.  You have to let out lots of extra chain to allot for this,which we proceeded to do.  Our anchor is now firm and holding.  Night ‘yaaaawwwwl’.

We’ve finally added some pictures to the blog.  Just click on the pages on top of the blog sight.  Enjoy!



2 responses

14 04 2012

Thanks for pics!

When you mentioned that flip-flops are back I instantly thought of the song…
“Happy days are here again…” but with a new twist…”Flip-flop days are here again…”

Went to see Stuart McLean tonight…he was wonderful as usual…had us in tears of laughter and tears of heart warmingness!

Keep that anchor anchored!


14 04 2012

Oh…wanted to say….take some pics of these pillar homes you keep mentioning. They’d be cool to see.

: )

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