Day 15, Apr. 14, Mile 487 Riding the Tide

15 04 2012


We left our anchorage at about 8am, still fallowing Don and Wilma’s boat, and for most of the day we were surrounded by nature. Some tricky areas, especially at low tide were the Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoffs (even the name sounds difficult!) But, we managed.

The dolphins still splash around us as we travel; their colours have changed to a much lighter grey, though. This afternoon, after anchoring, we could hear them as well as see them near our boat. Sitting at anchor is so peaceful. “Travelling with those we love is home in motion.” E. MacRauch

The people we have met have been so friendly and helpful! Being ‘on the road’ (or water),sure makes you realize how many wonderful and genuine ‘folks’ there are in this world. Boaters are especially watchful of , and for each other. Today, an elderly man going past us in a small boat held up six fingers to warn us of the depth just ahead of us.

I’ve been typing ‘the blog’ on my own in order to get the practice. It’s taking a bit longer, but it gives me something to do in the evenings at an anchorage. But its time for a game of dominoes with Ed. Talk to you tomorrow.



One response

15 04 2012

Keep practicing the keyboard … you’ll get quick soon enough!

Lighter grey dolphins…now that is interesting…must go look that up!

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