Day 16, Apr.15, Mile 467 Charleston SC

16 04 2012


“Approach each day guided less by expectations, than by curiosity.”  A. Steinbach


As the sun rose at our anchorage this morning, it sent rays of pink and purple across the still surface  of the water.   The silence was broken only by birds welcoming the dawn.   The temperature was already quite warm.


We left about 8 and made our way on the ICW through Elliott’s Cut , passing many lovely homes and cottages. Some of the docks are hundreds of feet long due to the tide and marshes.


At about noon we sailed into Charleston Harbour and the Charleston Maritime Marina.  We were close to the historical district, so we walked into town, and what a beautiful town it is.  We took a horse-drawn buggy tour (just our speed).  The homes were spectacular!  Charleston is the  second most preserved city in the world; second to Rome.  Honeysuckle vines scented the air as we clomped along the narrow streets and passed home after home adorned with long, graceful porches and stately pillars.  Our tour guide was very informative and entertaining, so we learned a lot about this unique place.  Truly one of the most amazing places we’ve ever seen!


We had a great dinner at the Noisy Oyster and picked up some groceries on our way home.  Really tired tonight!     Yal have a nice evening, now!



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