Day 20, Apr.19, Mile 244, Waiting for Summer

20 04 2012

Today we floated by many empty summer homes, boarded up and waiting for the warmth of summer to return. Only a few days ago people were waving to us from their loungers and hammocks but today Surf City and Ocean City were deserted. It was kind of eerie to see . Dolphins are still swimming around us, and there are still palm trees here and there,but they have to be imported.

I think I have motion sickness-only in reverse! I can not wait to get going in the morning! We were surrounded by lovely condos and homes this morning at our mooring ball,(our favorite overnight stint yet), no worrying about the anchor moving.

Lots of shallow areas today. So great that boaters ahead of us warn us of any changes in the charts that we have. Also, Don has been very helpful with local knowledge. But, all in all, today went very well.

The ICW allows you a view of this country that you would never see any other way. We have been truly amazed at times. It is like coming through the back door; we have not seen any advertisements on the ICW, whereas the highways are full of them! Without our charts we would never know what
city we are travelling through,sometimes,(although palm trees and pillars are a dead-giveaway)!

Tonight our anchorage is near a military facility, because we heard some bombing, but otherwise it is very quiet. Night all.



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