Day 21, Apr.20, Mile 203 Beaufort NC

21 04 2012

Left our anchorage early this morning. Most of the boats around us had already left. Another gorgeous day as we glided onto the ICW. The water has been tuquoise again for the last couple of days,and the scenery is marsh, sand dunes and scruffy forests. Many homes and cottages,too. We love seeing all the different styles. Most are extremely large, 3 and 4 stories, and they don’t look like rentals. That’s why we had to laugh at ‘the one-room-house’ we went by yesterday! It was about 10 ft. by 10 ft. square on stilts with a 15 ft. by 15 ft.(approx.) deck that surrounded it on all sides. Of course all this was on a huge lot with a long dock and big boat.I guess he had his priorities!

Love what Fraya Stark says about ‘magic’:”We were not for underestimaating magic – life-conductor like the sap between the tree-stem and the bark…Everything in nature of inspiration belongs to it ; and there will be a gloomy world when prophets, artists and tactful women think they can do without it. The polition and the business man could give it a few moments in their day. For it is easily attainable. It requires a mere suspension of activity – so that the self, in a passive air, may become pure reception, while mystery flowers into an articulate mood with as little interference as possible from the human channel it uses.
This is magic, within reach of us all; a flash where the universe surges up through a creature, who becomes ear,or eye – an unresisting vehicle – viid of self, filled and replenished with sights and sounds and feelings that move in and out of perception, so that in his small concretenes, according to his capacity and abnegation, the roots of being may grow. This is what the egocentric loses, and substitutes for it his miserable person. And perhaps magic alone is the cause of the happiness of primitive and true country people, for whom all pleasures of sophistication are compensated, if they only knew it, by this awareness.”

Today we floated by Wilmington, Wrightsville, Atlantic City, Moorehead City, and many more towns. The people going by us in their boats seem really interesting, too. Today and older man with white hair and beard wearing overalls went by and waved. He had plants growing in pots on his sailboat along with all sorts of unusual ‘gear’.

Don and Wilma led us to the Town Creek Marina,and we waved good-bye and thanked them for all their help. We’ll be getting together with them tomorrow, before they drive home to Greensville NC. Looks like bad weather for the next couple days, so we’re staying put until it clears. We’re still having problems with our windlass, so we’re having it looked at while we’re here. Night yaaawwwl!



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22 04 2012

What’s a windlass?

Was thinking about you as I saw a course outline for ‘Travel Writing and Photography’…looked like something right up your alley.

22 04 2012

Sorry, should have told you what a windlass is. It’s an electric winch for pulling up the anchor. We got it working yesterday; just some corroded wiring. The salt air and water are very bad for all things mechanical. Yes I would like to take a writing course some day.

23 04 2012

Thanks for the explanation!

This course is offered in the summer at an art college in Haliburton through Sir Sandford Fleming College. The teacher worked for National Film Board of Canada and wrote travel books and has had stuff public in every magazine as well as National Geographic. I’m planning to take his photography course.

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