Day 23, Apr. 22, Mile 204 Waiting out bad weather

23 04 2012

Rained off and on last night and today with high winds so we were glad to be at a dock. I did some laundry then we used the marina car to drive to Morehead City–not nearly as nice as Beaufort though. But the people are extremely friendly.

Since entering the Carolinas we’ve noticed a very different type of seagull. They have a white body, grey wings, and a black head—looks like they are wearing black ski masks to the bottom of their necks. I’ve always enjoyed watching seagulls. From our apartment in Toronto, that overlooked Lake Ontario, I’d see them soaring hundreds of feet over the water and sometimes they’d look like they were standing still as they caught up-drafts. It always looked to me like they were doing it’just for the fun of it’.

Makes me think of something I heard about chickens that are in cages all their lives. Someone was visiting one of these farms and noticed that several chickens were running around in the building and asked why they weren’t in cages like the others. They were told that if the caged chickens didn’t see the ‘loose’ chickens they would stop laying—-interesting!

The couple on the boat next to us came over and shared their experiences and advice about travelling up to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. We studied charts with them and feel more confident about the miles ahead of us. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon. Talk with you tomorrow.



One response

23 04 2012

“Doing it just for the fun of it” … I’ve wondered at times that very same thing.

Your bad weather has creeped up this way as well. It’s rainy and cold…but I’m glad…we need the rain… way tooo dry for this time of the year. What can I say, I’m just a bleeding heart for the farmers plight!

Stay cozy,


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