Day 25, Apr. 24, Southern Hospitality

24 04 2012

The people of Beaufort have certainly made us feel welcome! Our windlass is working perfectly, thanks to Matt, one of the very friendly guys here at the marina,and we should be leaving tomorrow morning. The very high winds we’ve been experiencing are supposed to abate then.

I decided to do more laundry today, and since the dryer wasn’t at the marina, they lent me the car again. The ladies at the General Store in town smiled and warmly welcomed me as I walked through(with my laundry) to the laundramat behind the store, where the people there all wanted to know where I was from and were very excited to know about our trip. On my way back to the marina I stopped at a thrift store. When I walked in a woman with a huge smile came up to me and shock my hand. I assumed that she was the proprietor, or at least an employee, but she was just a customer! She and the three other women in the store immediately included me in thier conversation. Anyhow, this is a very friendly place! It’s amazing the wonderful people one meets when travelling!

Tonight we are studying our charts and preparing for tomorrow’s leg of our jouney…..yal have a wonderful evening.



4 responses

25 04 2012

Too funny…the customers are shaking hands with other customers….a Thrift Store shoppers group hug….ahhhhh…nothing quite like it!

25 04 2012

That should be ‘ a thrift store shoppers’ group hug…’ possessive on the ‘s’ in shoppers…now I feel much better : )

25 04 2012

Beaufort sounds like Moonbeam…or should I say Moonbeam of old….imagine living someplace like that!!! Hope ya’ll can move on tomorrow…..

4 05 2012

like mother like daughter… a thrift store is pretty much the first thing I look for in any new town!!

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