Day 26, Apr. 25. Mile 135, On the Road Again

27 04 2012

Day 26, Apr. 25. Mile 135, On the Road Again

Can’t describe how excited I was to leave this morning! No more ‘none-motion-sickness’!

Must emphasize how desolate this country seems from the ICW! For miles and miles, all we see is forest and marsh and swamp. But it’s all pristine and very beautiful. I think it’s the most relaxing trip I’ve ever taken (except for the navigating, the shallow areas, the ‘pot-watching’;crab pots,that is -which can get tangled in your props, the anchoring, the docking, the big waves in the sounds and inlets, and finally being alert and prepared for anything that could happen to your boat or the weather or anything else in a new place –oh, mustn’t forget keeping the best communications between captain and crew(or in our case, first mate), the ‘best’).

We’ve been travelling alongside the Outer Banks, which is a 200 mile stretch of islands about 10 to 20 miles in the Atlantic. We saw them in the distance when we traversed Pamlico Sound, the largest island-enclosed salt sea on the Atlantic Coast. Cape Hatteras is also part of that chain of islands and has been referred to as the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’,due to the 600 ships that have sunk in its vicinity!(glad we skipped that place).

Everything was going perfectly today as we were crossing Pamlico Sound; about 75 degree weather, a following sea and great music on our Sirius radio, when we noticed that the sailboat we were following was no longer moving…he’d ‘run aground’! (this is something that happens to sailboats when they are not especially diligent with watching their ‘depth’ on the ICW— and anywhere else!) Anyhow,
being ex-sailors and the only motor boat around, we offered to tow him out (or should I say, the ‘Captain’ offered to tow him out—I admit that I was not as enthusiastic because I knew that we had never done it before). Anyhow, all went well and we had him on his way shortly. Must add that Ed was very proud of his ‘twin screws’—-it’s such a ‘guy thing’!—-‘twin screws’ are the two 450 hp Detroit diesel engines on our boat.

Tonight we are anchored in front of the small town of Bellhaven. It was a very peaceful night and we watched an amazing sunset. Nite all.



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