Day 27, Apr. 26. Mile 56 The Call of the Wild

27 04 2012

Day 27, Apr. 26. Mile 56 The Call of the Wild

We travelled through miles of beautiful wilderness again today, along the Pungo and Aligator rivers and across the Albemarle Sound. The smell of the new growth was wonderful. We only saw a couple of boats all day. You would never guess that there were so many people in this country by travelling this way! We often think that we are seeing what the pioneers would have seen , coming to the American shores many years ago.

About 20 miles towards the Atlantic, we passed Roanoke Island, as we motored across Albemarle Sound. Roanoke Island is where Sir Walter Raleigh established the first English settlement in America, in 1587. It is also where the first English child was born: Virginia Dare. Three years later the whole colony disappeared!!!!well, that’s your history lesson for today.

We are anchored in the North River tonight. Just one more day on the ICW and then we’ll be in the Chesapeake—-WOW! What a trip this has been. Night everyone!



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2 05 2012

Wow ! What a trip indeed…you are sooo lucky!

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