Day 28, Apr. 27, Mile 0!!!! Yeah! We made it, and we’re still floatin’ !!!

28 04 2012

We left our anchorage really early and continued up the Elizabeth River Canal system into Virginia.
Beautiful trees and marshes surrounded us all the way to Coinjock, on the canal to fuel up. A really cute place; a restaurant, a store and some cottages scattered about. The water is still ‘brackish’ (dark brown), which means that the fishing is very poor. But there are still dolphins, in fact a whole ‘pod’
of them ,about 12, swam past us today.

Our first lock experience went just fine. Although it was a small one, we feel more confident about the many we will navigate in the future. There were more scheduled bridge openings in this stretch of the ICW than anywhere else, but we only had to wait a couple times to be let through.

We traversed Currituck Sound ,where off in the East, at the northern tip of the Outer Banks is Kitty Hawk; the place the Wright brothers first flew their experimental plane.

Coming into the Portsmouth and Norfolk Harbours was quite exciting—a real culture-shock after cruising in almost total wilderness for weeks. These harbours are one of the largest naval and shipping centres in the US. Our anchorage is in the Portsmouth harbour. Of course we had ‘happy hour’ and toasted our completion of the ICW leg of our journey! We were too tired to go to town tonight, but we will do it tomorrow. What a change to be watching the sun set behind a city skyline!

Now that we’ve completed the distance from Key West to Mile 0 of the ICW, we are truly thankful to the Army Corps of Engineers for this tremendous waterway. It must cost millions to maintain it and what it took to build it must be staggering! And it is totally toll free! It’s been an amazing trip!

Nite all



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28 04 2012


ICW must be the american tax-money hard at work!

A drink to the hard working common man!

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