Day 29, Apr. 28, The Chesapeake

28 04 2012

Left Portsmouth at about 7 AM. Decided that we needed to get ahead of the International traffic that can sometimes clog the Norfolk harbour. As we proceeded forth, we only met 2 huge ships as we floated past the biggest naval base in the US, Awesome ships docked there! The biggest naval base in the world!

Because of the funnel -effect of the waves, we were rocking and rolling for awhile as we entered the Chesapeake, the largest estuary in the US. When the waves began to subside Ed noticed that his steering was quite loose—OK, reeeeealy loooooose! OK, NO STEERING!!!! We called SeaTow, and they were on their way,(bless their hearts)! Took the opportunity to call our granddaughter and wish her happy 16th birthday. Two sweet guys towed us to the Crown Point Marina on Glouchester Point, and that’s where we are now. Don,the mechanic, told us that we just needed hydraulic fluid in the steering system—an easy fix; this happened because the guy that worked on our autopilot had drained the fluid. Needless to say, the people here were extremely friendly. We were extremely happy that this didn’t happen in Portsmouth harbour.

We’re safe and cozy and happy. Nite all.



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