Day 31, Apr. 30, Annapolis Maryland

30 04 2012

Day 31, Apr. 30, Annapolis Maryland

A grey morning and the water was the colour or steel. We dress in layers and bring our coffees to the bridge, but by mid morning it’s quite warm. Container ships and a barge being pulled by a tug were our only companions in the very wide channel; of course we stay away from these big guys because they can’t slow down or change course as easily as we can,(most of the time). Some look like mountains!

Sailed into Annapolis harbour at about 2PM and attached ourselves to a mooring ball right in front of the town dock. A beautiful town from the water! We took our dingy across and walked into this very lovely and historical place—the capital of Maryland and also America’s sailing capital. The nation’s Naval Academy is also here; we had permission to tie our dingy up to their dingy dock .

Established in the 1600’s Annapolis has more colonial homes than any other city in the country. We enjoyed walking the narrow-bricked streets and got something to eat on Main Street, then looked at some of the shops—the nautical theme is quite overdone, but some had a lot of historical stuff too.

After returning to the boat we had happy hour while watching the activity in the harbour. Nite all.



One response

1 05 2012

Annapolis MD….cool!

I think the cool layered thing is refreshing. The brisk air, the burn on the skin from the wind.

I guess I’m what you would call the ‘rugged adventure type’!


oh…and sleeping when it’s coolish…just DELIGHTFUL!

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