Day 32, May 1, The C and D Canal

2 05 2012

We started a bit late this morning because of the threat of thunder storms, but at 9AM we looked outside and decided to go. It turned out to be one of the best days we’d ever had on our whole trip; almost no wind and a following sea and current. After coming out of the Annapolis harbour we went under one of the largest suspension bridges we’d ever seen: the Chesapeake Bridge. The day was extremely warm and I’m back in my flip flops—-six shirtless guys on a racing yacht went by—cute!

Can’t believe how excited I still get every morning to continue on our journey. As Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

The scenery in the northern Chesapeake was breathtaking. We continued into the C and D(Chesapeake and Delaware) Canal by the afternoon, the last official part of the ICW. We were the only boat and all the homes and cottages seemed totally empty and the water was like glass as we floated along—–Magical! This canal cuts the shipping distance from Pittsburgh to Baltimore by 300 miles. Baltimore was 12 miles away when we passed the entrance of the Patapsco River.

Half way up the canal we decided to anchor at Chesapeake City. A great decision, because this cute place turned out to be so amazing. The anchorage can only fit a few boats and is surrounded by such quaintness. We took out dingy over to the outside bar attached to the Chesapeake Inn where live music was playing and had Happy Hour (the band was really good,too). We felt like we’d walked back in time after we walked to their main street to have an ice cream. All the stores were closed, but a few people we still sitting on their front porches rocking in their rocking chairs.—–Ed said that it was the cutest place he’d ever seen, I agreed.

Well, enough ‘cuteness’ for one day! Nite nite!



2 responses

2 05 2012

I can’t believe you’re there already it seems so close….I guess for you it doesn’t seem that way but by the sounds of things you’re not that anxious for your adventure to end.. Love reading this…thanks.

4 05 2012

love all the literary quotes!!!!! can’t wait to have a first-hand account of all your adventures

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