Day 34, May 3, Delaware Bay and Cape May

4 05 2012

Today was the perfect day to go down the Delaware River and cross Delaware Bay because we’d been advised to not do so against the tide or with the wrong winds.  It was cloudy til mid afternoon and very little wind from the southwest.  We anchored in Cape May harbour then took our dingy to Utsch’s Marina where we took a cab to the town.  ADORABLE!!!!!The whole town  looks like  a Victorian Reproduction movie set.  Porches and gingerbread trim everywhere!  There’s a lovely beach,too.  We walked down the Promenade; ( a street closed off to vehicles), and looked at some of the shops, then had dinner.  It’s pre-season so there were very few people around.  Our cab driver-tour guide showed us around and told us how the town had drastically changed once the historical society took over—they have done an amazing job!  The town is a historical monument.  A great example of what can be accomplished when people unite for a common purpose.

We’ve got a ‘weather window’ of one day tomorrow to do our ocean run along the Jersey Shore(oh, by the way we are in New Jersey now).  That means we will be leaving at dawn so we can get to Sandy Hook, at the tip of New York harbour; about 120 miles,(our longest run yet).

When we came back to our boat tonight we noticed that the boat from Newfoundland was anchored beside us again.  Hope they’re doing the same run with us tomorrow.   Well, Night all.



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