Day 35, May 4 Fog and the New Jersey shore

7 05 2012



Well, here we sit.  Needless to say that we did not leave at dawn as we planned.  This is our first experience with fog on this trip and it’s as thick as pea soup.  The boat from Newfoundland was also waiting it out so we contacted them and found out that they were thinking of going ‘on the inside’ if it didn’t lift soon because it wasn’t as thick inland as on the ocean. The ‘inside’ is the New Jersey stretch of the ICW that takes you to about 40 miles south of New York city.  We had heard that it was very shallow, so we hadn’t planned on taking it, but as the fog wasn’t lifting we decided to go with these people——-big lesson learned; you can’t rush mother nature!!! The fog did lift on the ocean by noon, but we were committed to continue until we could find an outlet.  This waterway is VERY shallow, especially at low tide,and it also twists around like a snake.  By noon we had pulled our new friends out of the mud twice,(they didn’t have SeaTow),and we were forced to anchor in order to wait for high tide, which occurred at 4pm.  When we finally got out to sea, after 15 miles, it felt wonderful to be in deep water again.  We stayed in Ocean City at a marina and had happy hour and dinner with our new friends, Austin and Sandy from St. Johns, Nef ‘n LAND (the way to pronounce it properly—accent on LAND).  I identified with Sandy’s comment concerning our day, when she said: “Me narves are gone!!!)  We had some needed  laughs and got promised a lobster dinner when we visit their province this summer.  Today was a lesson in patience, but we learned a lot and were thankful to be safe and sound with our fellow Canadians.  Nite all.



2 responses

7 05 2012

Ahhh…you met some fellow Newfies….I’m soooo jealous!!! I’m sure you’re glad to see this day end! We had that thick fog just a couple of days ago…must have drifted down south from here.

Happy Sailin’ tomorrow

Nighty night.

8 05 2012

Glad to hear you made it to deeper water and seem to be in good company!! Can’t go wrong tagging with St Johners…..

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