Day 37, May 6 New York State of Mind

9 05 2012

We got up very early and to go through the Manesquan Inlet to travel about 20 miles to New York City.
Austin and Sandy were going to stay at Sandy Hook Bay, just outside the New York Harbour, so they could go up the East River tomorrow, so we said our good-byes and talked on the radio until we got close to New York Harbour. We put our radio receiver close to our Sirius radio when the song ‘Till We Meet Again’ came on. They are excited about showing us the sights of St. Johns in July.

What a beautiful day as we sailed into New York Harbour. Lots of boat traffic and several big tankers and barges anchored. Sailboats swooped past the Statue of Liberty and the view of Manhattan was AWESOME! I thought of the millions of immigrants who sailed into this harbour as we passed Ellis Island. Can’t describe how excited to have made it this far on our journey! So wonderful to see the ‘Big Apple’ from the water in our boat. We both felt that we’d accomplished something in our lives—really see how experience builds confidence.

We attached our boat to a mooring ball in front of the 79th Street Marina and took our dingy to the dock. It’s a lovely location along Riverside Park. The subway was a couple blocks away so we decided to go to Greenwich Village(a section of the city we hadn’t seen the only other time we’d been here over 10 years ago)—reminded us of Queen Toronto. We treated ourselves to fresh-cut french fries and french pastries!!!? Got back on the subway and headed for Times Square. SO MANY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!!! We were definitely overwhelmed after being on the water for so long. But it was a lovely sunny day and the lights and activity were very exhilarating. We had happy hour and dinner at a french restaurant on 42nd Street and talked with some English tourists, sweet people.

By the time we got back to the boat we were really tired, so I put off blogging for another day—sorry, blog ‘fans’, will catch up soon.



3 responses

9 05 2012

I would think that NYC would be frightening….huge barges, water pirates (my imagination) and polluted water…hmmm…I guess I was wrong….

Sounds unimaginable!

So sad to hear you left your Newfoundlanders…but you will reunite in July…again…sooooo jealous!

10 05 2012

Hi, Gigi! Thanks for your comments, I really look forward to them—I’m really enjoying this ‘computer stuff’, could get addictive! Yes, I thought I’d be nervous going trough New York Harbour, but it was a lot easier than we thought. I think we’ve built a lot of confidence on this trip, our years as sailors helps as well. The water was amazingly clean,too. The Hudson has gotten quite muddy, though. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Luv,Hug.

10 05 2012

Glad you have been enjoying my input. What can I say… I’m always in great support of those budding authors.

Computer stuff…yes, it is a wonderful thing…glad this trip has gotten you more up to speed with the cyberworld.

gotta’ go garden… Oh, tell Ed I’m planting a vegetable garden this year. He’ll be very proud of me…tomatoes, cucs, lettuce, onions, beans, and maybe a few other things if there’s space.

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