Day 38, May 7, ‘On the Town’ in Manhattan and Brooklyn

9 05 2012

Due to the tide, current and barges going by, our mooring was rather ‘rocky’ last night and this morning, so we decided to find a marina further down the river. As we floated along the Hudson we could see the morning traffic backed up on the Riverside Parkway and Washington bridge,(we were the only boat on the river at the time), I thought how easy it is to travel by water in such a big city. We ended up at the Tarrytown Marina,about 15 miles from downtown, and took the train back into the city for the day: and what a great day it was!!!

From Grand Central Station we took a subway to Soho, then we went to Central Park for a horse and buggy ride(something I’d always wanted to do ever since I saw “The Good-bye Girl”;one of my favorite movies—–in fact most of my favorite ‘girl’ movies are set in New York). The sun was shining and the park was abloom with spring. Of course there were many people around as our buggy meandered around the park. Our Irish driver pointed out the sights —even the building off in the horizon where Woody Allen owns the whole top floor!!! After the ride we went into Tiffanys to ‘brows”!!!!( “Breakfast at Tiffanys” will always be my favorite New York flick). A movie was being filmed on 5th Avenue—-you feel like you’re in a movie around this place; Very surreal!!! We didn’t really like the atmosphere, so we decided to go to Brooklyn where we’d planned to hear one of our favorite Key West bands, Billy Nemec and The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn. Since they didn’t start til 8, we thought we’d see a bit of Brooklyn til then, (another area we’d never been before).

After getting lost a couple times on the subway, we finally emerged on Lafayette St. in Brooklyn, and we loved this area! It reminded us a lot of the Beaches in Toronto, but the apartments have those staircases out front like you see on Sesame St. We had happy hour at the Brooklyn Public Pub and everyone was very friendly. We had dinner at Chez Oscars, (where the Blue Vipers were playing); this restaurant was just adorable! When Billy, one of the sweetest guys we’ve ever known, walked in, he was extremely surprised and pleased to see us,(we’d seen him in January). He puts his own ‘twist’ to standards and his band consists of trumpet, stand-up bass, and ‘drummer’, who uses a washboard,a pot and a cake pan! Needless to say the night was ‘magical’, and the perfect ending to our New York visit.

It took us a couple hours to get back to Tarrytown and I was too pooped to blog. Night nite.



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