Day 39, May 8, The Hudson River

10 05 2012

We were surprised at how little industry we saw on our trip up the Hudson. Huge cliffs hug the shore (3 and 4 hundred ft.), for miles out of New York city as well as rolling hills and forests. The river spans a mile or so at times with homes and towns once in a while. We passed Sing Sing, one of the largest prisons in the US, and also West Point, the largest officer-training facility in America.

Must mention some of the odd and funny names along the Hudson—-there’s Anthony’s Nose, Con Hook, Murderous Creek,(there was an anchorage there but we decided to pass, interesting that it’s not far from Sing Sing), Verplanck, Indian Kill, Little Nutten Hook, and Coxsackie!!!

We anchored at Catskills Creek, we’re in the Catskills now.



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10 05 2012

Murderous Creek…sounds delightful! Where is your spirit of adventure!!! : P

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