Day 40, May 9, Floatin with the ‘floaters’

10 05 2012

Since hurricane Irene(2011), the Erie Canal has been closed til recently due to flooding and damage. All the trees and branches have floated down the Hudson making it difficult for boaters to get around them at times. When we left this morning we were lucky to fallow a barge that cleared a path for us all the way to Albany. There were whole trees being shoved aside by his wake. We wound our way around branches and trunks for about 5 miles to Troy, where we entered the first lock towards the Erie and Champlain Canals. We were one of 5 Canadian boats in this canal—I was speaking french to some sailors from Montreal who just finished a two year journey to the Caribbean and Central America.

We are docked at the complimentary dock provided by the canal system in the town of Waterford. The first lock of the Erie Canal opens at noon tomorrow. Nite all.



One response

10 05 2012

Wow…you guys really decided to get there on the opening day…didn’t want to waste any time I’m guessing!

Whole trees being pushed aside…wow…unbelievable…

Actually, I’m surprised they haven’t cleaned things up since last year??? I guess it’s a huge undertaking and they had to get the canal up and running mechanically and then dredge and clean after.

I’m guessing you’re still another week or so away??? You haven’t mentioned weather lately…are you still in flip-flops??? <—-(that's a bit of a joke if it's at all what it's been here lately)

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