Day 41, May 10, WIND and the Erie Canal

11 05 2012

This morning started out great. We walked the two blocks to town and had a tremendous breakfast for $1.75—sure love those ‘mom and pop’ places you find in small towns! The decor lacked ‘style’ but the food was great and the service was friendly and fast.

The Erie canal locks had been closed for 5 days due to high water levels. The day we went through it was the first day it was opened. By the time the lock openned though it was noon, and the wind had built to about 30 miles an hour. As we left the dock we were blown into it and did a ‘Titanic-with-the-ice-berg-thing’ along the dock!—-don’t worry, we’re still afloat, but we damaged our starboard trim—-‘–IT HAPPENS! A very challenging day ensued. There were six boats going through 8 locks and it was hard to not bump into each other—some got blown sideways in the locks. We’re thankful to be at a dock at lock 8 for the night and have decided to not go anywhere tomorrow if the wind is strong—another lesson learned the hard way—we never knew that high winds could be a huge factor in a lock, now we know!!!

One of the greatest things we’ve learned on this journey is how to work as a team in stressful situations. I’ve learned to not ‘freak out’ as easily and am quite proud of myself for the skills and confidence I’ve acquired (Ed,too).

Well, we’re safe and sound and thankful to be at a dock. Time to have a game of Spanish Railroad.




3 responses

11 05 2012

Wow…crazy day for you guys! You’re safe and bottom line, that’s what counts. A boat can be fixed or replace…humans can’t always be.

It was very windy here as well and we’ve had warm then cold weather back to back which do create very strong winds.

I’m guessing the learning curve has been amazing for you on this trip! Life learning journey for sure!

12 05 2012

oh man – wind and boats do NOT get along! Lesson learned, I guess ( as I’m throwing up just thinking about it!)
Quite an adventure for you guys! I look forward to talking to you about it and seeing your pictures when you get back to T.O.
btw – Happy Mother’s Day Huguette ❤

12 05 2012

Oh…I must add to Terri’s comment about the throwing up part…no envy here!

Can’t even watch someone on an amusement park ride. : (

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