Day 42, May 11, Spring on the Mohawk

12 05 2012

As we floated along the Mohawk River today I saw a field of spring flowers along its banks. A family of Canada geese were taking the babies for a stroll in the warm sunshine and I was thinking how wonderful to be coming home at this time of the year. It has been quite cool out (no more flip flops), and the wind was still a factor in the locks. Supposed to be calm on the week-end.

The Erie Canal is truly an engineering marvel! With every lock we go up, sometimes 20 to 30 feet, and sometimes only 5 or 6, it’s fun popping up to new scenery after the lock is full and we’ve been lifted to a new level. My job has been to grab on to a rope hanging along the sides of the lock, or loop it around a poll so that the boat doesn’t wonder around the lock—lots of fun! The ropes are wet and slimy(even with gloves—thanks for the tip, Brenda. Ed holds another rope as soon as he stops the motor. We were thankful to have the locks to ourselves for most of today, since the other boats we started out with have gone ahead and it’s much easier if you don’t have to worry about hitting anyone. The scenery between each lock has been beautiful with the rolling hills of the lower Adarondacks, it’s a nice change from the flat land we’ve been accustomed to on this trip.

Tonight we’re tied up to a dock in Fort Plain. We were very thankful to the two men who helped us dock because the wind was pushing us off—people along the canal have been really helpful and friendly. The town was very small, but had a supermarket and we had dinner at a diner(only place open). It’s hard to describe some of the ‘characters’ you see in some of these places, but they are very sweet (mostly). After one of our most challenging days, I believe it was the ‘MUD day’ in New Jersey, we walked into a rather fancy restaurant near the marina with our ‘Newfie’ friends and asked the hostess if she knew of somewhere that we could just get a burger—it was about 8pm and we were starving and probably looked like the tired and stressed boaters that we were. She knew of a place close by, but told us that the kitchen usually closes at eight, but she called and asked them to keep it open for us—I think she had pity on us!! well, they did and also treated us really well—and the burgers were AMAZING!

So tired, went to bed at 8. Nite nite.




One response

12 05 2012

I liked this story for some reason…I guess I could relate more to the scenery and your entourage. I agree…the lock system is a fascinating feat of engineering!

How many more miles ’til home?

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