Day 44, May 13, Lake Oneida

15 05 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms.

Our dock beside Lock 21 was extremely peaceful. The area around each lock is beautiful parkland or wooded and we were the only boat there. At Lock 21 we go down about 30 ft. Forgot to mention that Lock 17 was the lock with the biggest level of elevation: 40 ft. Today was very enjoyable because were were alone in all the locks and the canal. It was very calm and peaceful. Lake Oneida was a 29 mile stretch, but it went very quickly. We had an appointment with a guy at the ESS-Kay Marina to repair our trim and arrived at about 1pm. A nice place with very nice people. The marina is situated among pretty cottages. We worked on cleaning up the boat for our ‘home stretch’ on the Oswego Canal tomorrow. Afterwards, Ed took me out for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day at a restaurant in town. It was great to hear from my three children today.

We’re really excited to be coming home in a few days. It feels like we’ve been travelling forever! But we still get excited to begin each new day with a new destination. Well, we are both pooped tonight.Nite nite.




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