Day 45, May 14, The Oswego

15 05 2012

Today we completed the Erie Canal and travelled the Oswego. Again, we were the only boat and it was extremely calm—water like glass. Such pretty cottages and homes dot the shore. At canal 5 a duck entered with us to do the 30 foot drop, then he swam out in front of us at the bottom when the lock doors openned. I guess he has discovered that it’s easier than flying!!!!

We are docked just before the last dock on the Oswego Canal in Oswego. There is only one other boat here and they are from Gander, Newfoundland!!!! Jerry and Simone came over for awhile for happy hour. They have been travelling the ‘Loop’ for a year and will be home by June. The ‘Loop’ is the trip up the US coast, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, then back to Florida. We have met several people who have done this and it sure sounds exciting! They were full of great wisdom of the waterways. They have learned that wind is the boater’s worst enemy,( as we have, also). We will surely contact them when we visit Newfoundland this summer. Austin and Sandy will love to meet them as well. Sandy just sent us a pic she took of us being towed out by Seatow on the New Jersey ICW—nice!!!

The lock opens at 7am and we’ll be sailing through the Oswego harbour into Lake Ontario for the 108 mile crossing to the Whitby Yacht Club. The weather is supposed to be perfect for this trip—-NO WIND! We’re so excited to see our kids and family again. Nite nite.




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