Day 46, May 15, Lake Ontario and the Canadian Shore. We made it!

16 05 2012

We were in the last lock of the Oswego system at 7am. As we sailed through the harbour we could see the vast expanse of Lake Ontario—really an Inland sea. No worry about depth here, because it’s over 700 feet in places. And what a perfect day for crossing; there was no wind or waves, only a few fog patches that burnt off by mid morning. For most of the day we didn’t see shore, but when we passed the GPS-US-Canada border line we rejoiced. Our Canadian landing was at the Whitby Yacht Club and our GPS led us right to it at the exact time it predicted us to arrive (truly an amazing instrument!). After docking, Ed called customs.

It feels like much longer than 46 days that we left Key West!!!! What a tremendous time of learning and growth for both of us.

We’ll be staying in Whitby a couple days in order to get our trim repaired—remember our Titanic -incident! It will be much easier for us to visit with our family, too, because they are just minutes away. I will blog one more time when we finally arrive at our home port in Toronto. Tonight we are extremely tired, I sure haven’t needed any sleep-aids on this trip! Nite all.




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18 05 2012

Welcome Home! Love you guys!

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